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Apply for Membership

Current membership fees

Full Member                    $550
Country Member             $150
25 and Under                   $250
Social Golf 7 Days            $370
Pay To Play                         $99*
Social Member                 $15
Junior Member                $40

*Contact Reception for details

Provisional Membership

Upon completion of the Membership application form and payment of the full fees relevant to the category of the Membership applied for, a person will become a Provisional Member. A Provisional Member shall be entitled only to the social facilities and amenities of the Club and shall not be entitled to attend or vote at any meeting of the Club, nominate for or be elected to the Board or any office of the Club or to participate in the management, business and affairs of the Club in any way.

Should a person who is admitted as a Provisional Member not be elected to full membership of the Club within six (6) weeks from the date of lodging a nomination form with the Secretary, or should his/her application for full membership be refused (whichever is sooner) he/she shall cease to be a Provisional Member of the Club and the annual subscription submitted with his/her nomination shall be returned to the applicant.

Full Member

Clubhouse, Golf, Voting rights, Can play in all competitions and an additional Full Membership Discount on Bar & Bistro Purchases (some items excluded).


Country Member

Clubhouse, Golf, Voting rights. Must reside outside 40 kilometre radius of the Corowa Post Office.

Can play in all Club competitions.

Under 25s

Clubhouse, Golf, Voting rights (Must be between the ages of 18 & 21).

Social Golf – 7 Days

Clubhouse, Voting rights, Social golf 7 days a week. Can not hold an Australian handicap and is ineligible to play competition golf under this category.

Pay to Play Membership

Clubhouse, Golf*, Voting Rights, Must reside within 40 kilometre radius of Corowa Post Office..

*Eligible to hold GA Handicap and play in all club competitions. Required to pay a discounted Green Fee to play either social or competition golf ($25/18 holes & $15/9 holes).

Social Member


Junior Member

Golf. Junior clinics are run throughout the year, for more information call Rob Rowe at the Pro Shop 02 6033 2162.